Pivot’s 360 Degree

Pivot helps you gain vital new insights into your practice from the very people who share your classroom, staffroom and office.

Our 360 survey approach provides a holistic, multi-source view of educational leaders’ strengths and areas for growth.

Our reports show results and recommendations tailored for you – ensuring a clear path for ongoing development.

Halt 360

Prin 360

Coach 360

Clever tools, beautiful insight

We have applied our philosophy – that Australian educators deserve evidence-based, actionable insights delivered in a clear, cost effective way – to educational leadership.

Our beautiful, engaging reports show the perceptions of your different colleagues – managers, peers and direct reports – allowing you to view your leadership from all angles.

More than reporting numbers, our reports describe the meaning and implications of your colleagues’ and your own self perceptions and include tailored recommendations and resources. Immediately there is a clear, supported pathway.

Results are confidential and available immediately after the survey closes.

Based on evidence

Our 360 surveys draw on international evidence, so you can be confident that the questions relate to behaviour and actions that others can accurately observe and measure. In addition, all questions are aligned with the Australian Institute of Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL’s) relevant professional standards for highly accomplished and lead teachers and Principals.

Customisable to your needs

We understand that regional educational managers, principals and teachers will be interested in different elements of leadership depending on their role, school priorities, and their individual development goals. With this in mind, we’ve designed our Coach360, Prin360 and HALT360 tools to be adaptable; users can add additional questions to capture information important for them. And 360s can be further customised by adding on questions to users from a single school, across a group of schools, or for a group of Coaches, so as to target a shared priority focus area.

Walk the talk

Embed a culture of continuous improvement in your school or region and demonstrate the value of feedback – not just for teachers, but for school leaders and regional educational managers. Pivot’s 360s enable educational professionals at every level to demonstrate their openness to hearing feedback and to improving in their role.

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Email: info@pivotpl.com
Phone: 04818 PIVOT

Can't wait for @KerryOBrien to open @ASPALeaders Future of Education symposium #ASPASymp19 As @ScottEacott writes, "The time is now to articulate an alternative vision for educating and through coherent actions lead the narrative of schooling." Thanks @CanberraMuse for the book.

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