About Us

Pivot is an ed-tech company with a purpose

Our system turns the assessments of your practice from students, your peers, your managers and yourself into easy-to-understand insights, which are presented online and completely confidentially.

These assessments allow Pivot’s community of users – whether it’s you, your school or a larger education organisation – to hone in on their strengths and discover where opportunities for development might lie.

ABN: 29 601 883 372

Email: info@pivotpl.com
Phone: 04818 PIVOT

Can't wait for @KerryOBrien to open @ASPALeaders Future of Education symposium #ASPASymp19 As @ScottEacott writes, "The time is now to articulate an alternative vision for educating and through coherent actions lead the narrative of schooling." Thanks @CanberraMuse for the book.

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