Our research has shown that 90% of teachers want student feedback whilst we navigate COVID-19. Try out our Student Perception Survey for free in your school. Learn more.

Pivot’s COVID-19 Support

At Pivot we are dedicated to providing schools with support while they navigate the challenges presented by the current COVID-19 situation. As a company focused on supporting teaching and learning, we have created guides for leaders, teachers, students and families. In addition to this we have devised a series of Pivot Pulse checks schools can use to conduct short surveys to gain feedback on preparing for school closures, learning, wellbeing and connectedness.

We are also launching a remote learning version of our Student Perception Survey on Teaching, which enables schools to get the line of sight feedback needed right now whether students are physically in school or not. To learn more about our remote learning surveys and for access to our Pulse Checks register here. We will continue to update our support resources as the situation evolves.

Resources for Your School’s COVID-19 Response

Preparing for school closures

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Leader Guide

Teacher Guide

Student Checklist

Community Guide

Home Learning Strategies (For Parents)

Maintaining Positive Professional Relationships Online

Adapting Your Face-to-Face Lessons For Effective Remote Learning

Taking an Inquiry Approach to Embedding and Refining Remote Learning

Maintaining happy, connected class communities during distance education

A guide to using Pulse Checks for Remote Learning

Latest videos for distance learning

Register for free access to Pulse Checks and to learn more about our Remote Learning Survey

We are offering free access to our platform with ready-made surveys for schools to gauge readiness for a school closure, check-in with students to determine the impact of remote learning on well-being and connectedness. You can also learn more about our Remote Learning Survey to gain valuable feedback and insights at the classroom, department, grade and school level. Sign-up below.