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F-3 Student Perception Survey on Teaching and Learning

Introducing our simple, validated Student Perception Survey on Teaching and Learning. Foundation to Year 3 students now have an opportunity to share how they are experiencing learning in your classroom.

How is this survey customised for younger students?

Developmentally appropriate

The F-3 survey comprises 10 validated questions that use developmentally appropriate language for young students.

Easy to administer

Teachers conduct the survey in groups of 4-6 students. We provide implementation resources for teachers to ensure they communicate the process clearly and effectively.

Simple and focused

Keeping the feedback experience simple and consistent is critical for younger students. Our survey format makes it easy for students to have a voice about their learning environment.

How it works

Pivot aims to support the world’s best learning environments, empowering teachers to actively engage with their students’ needs in an ongoing way. 

Our surveys are:

  • Developed from research and evidence 
  • Aligned to teaching frameworks
  • Designed to be completed twice a year

Data driven reporting

Change should be driven from data and evidence. Pivot presents teacher results by class, department and year level so school. System leaders can gather timely data – quantitative and qualitative – about how they are tracking.

You will receive: 

  • Actionable results

  • Customised professional development plan

  • An easy to understand report

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Hear the voice of every student

The F-3 Student Perception Survey on Teaching and Learning was designed to capture the voices of junior students. We have a solution for every student level, Foundation to Year 12. Speak to us today to ensure you capture the voice of every year level. 

People are always sceptical about asking little ones (for feedback) and that they don’t understand, but what we found was that our areas of strength and growth were similar across classes. We have previously used the Student Perception Survey for Years 3 to 6 to collect data as a way of giving feedback to our teachers about the teaching and learning that occurs in their classrooms. We have always struggled to find ways to capture student voice in the Early Years and were excited to be part of the Pivot F-3 pilot in 2020. Linking the questions to the Australian Teaching Standards has helped our teachers to use their results to set practical and relevant goals in Performance Development meetings.

Dane Russell

Wagaman Primary School, NT 

Younger students have unique needs when trying to engaging their ‘student voice’. It was crucial for us at Epsom Primary School to delve into the opinions and impressions of our junior school as they are a part of a new wave of large enrolments at our school, who are enjoying a brand new school building and will therefore, help shape our future. They need a strong voice in the future and Pivot has been the best tool on the market to provide the data we need to unpack and analyse in coaching sessions. Teachers engaged smoothly with Pivot because it is easy to navigate and administer, the results are immediate and questions are aligned to the AITSL standards. We were proud to contribute to the F-3 Student Perception Survey.


Mrs Gill Davey

Prep and Visual Arts Teacher, Epsom Primary School