Download our latest research from over 450 Australian principals, ‘Principal Perspectives on the Impact of COVID-19: Pathways Toward Equity in Australian Schools’.

Coalition of Australian School Principals

The Shifting Landscape of School Leadership in Australia

We know that COVID-19 has dramatically transformed what it means to be a school leader. Pivot Professional Learning is partnering with the Coalition of Australian Principals to ensure school leaders are driving the conversation about what comes next. This nation-wide survey asks school leaders about their 2020 experiences and recommendations for change.

Proudly supported by the Coalition of Australian Principals:

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The goal of this research is to develop actionable recommendations to improve supports for school leaders across Australia. We will share the findings from this research with school leaders, policymakers, and education researchers in the aim to inform sustainable and meaningful change.

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Pivot Professional Learning is a leading data and insights organisation. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, Pivot have published several papers on the different impacts COVID-19 has had on the educational landscape of Australia and New Zealand.