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Student Survey

No-one knows their teacher like a student

Our elegant and effective flagship survey captures student perception of teacher effectiveness. Results are broken down in a meaningful way – because we know each class and cohort have different needs – and are aligned to the Australian professional standards.

Principal, HALT and Coach 360

Full circle feedback for school leaders

Complementing our Student Survey, Pivot offers three 360 feedback tools, for highly accomplished and lead teachers (HALT), school principals and those supporting or managing multiple schools (Coach). Our tools are designed to reveal your leadership from all angles, and provide a pathway for future growth.

SEL Survey

Schools are about learning for life

Social-emotional learning (SEL) skills are critical for life-long success and can also be improved through development and practice (the L in SEL). Schools therefore need to know how well they are supporting and growing the mindsets, skills, attitudes and feelings that help students. Our SEL Survey can help.

The Pivot Platform

Pivot’s platform brings it all together

Users can access all their data (including previous results) in one secure place with a single sign on. Users can store their classroom observation and goal setting information alongside their survey data, and access our top-quality supporting resources.

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Can't wait for @KerryOBrien to open @ASPALeaders Future of Education symposium #ASPASymp19 As @ScottEacott writes, "The time is now to articulate an alternative vision for educating and through coherent actions lead the narrative of schooling." Thanks @CanberraMuse for the book.

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