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Our Products

Student Survey

No-one knows their teacher like a student

Pivot’s flagship survey captures student perceptions of effective teaching practices at the individual classroom level, as well as department, school, network and system level.

Results are confidential, available the day after surveys close, and broken down in a meaningful way for each user. This makes it easy to identify and respond to the changing needs of each class, year level, department or school.

The survey is derived from the world’s best research and aligned to the most widely-used and respected teaching and learning frameworks.

Pivot’s student survey data helps teachers, school leaders and executives to pinpoint strengths for sharing, and growth priorities for development.

Principal, HALT and Coach 360

Full circle feedback for school leaders

Complementing our Student Survey, Pivot offers three 360 feedback tools, for highly-accomplished and lead teachers (HALT360), school principals and assistant or deputy principals (Prin360) and those supporting or managing multiple schools (Coach360). Our tools are designed to reveal your leadership strengths and development areas from all angles, and provide a personalised pathway for future growth.

The Pivot Platform

Pivot’s platform brings it all together

Users can access all their data (including previous results) in one secure place with a single sign on. They can also access and store their classroom observations, professional goals (which they can develop using Pivot’s complimentary SMART goal template) and our extensive resource library, containing practical teaching strategies for each survey question, as well as articles and instructional videos. Our teachers have described the Pivot platform as a “personalised one-stop-shop for professional learning”.