Download our latest research from over 450 Australian principals, ‘Principal Perspectives on the Impact of COVID-19: Pathways Toward Equity in Australian Schools’.

Professional Learning Series

Our Professional Learning Series hosted between 28th April – 1st May 2020 had over 1500 registrations and over 800 attendees. Each session showcased industry-leading experts as they provided advice and recommendations that could be implemented straight away.

State of Education Launch

Join our official launch and discussion on the key findings from our State of Education research from over 3500 educator responses.

For School Leaders

Your teachers have been through a lot. Our panel will consider what good leadership looks like over the coming weeks and months, and share concrete suggestions to support your team.

For Teachers

After the rapid upheaval of the previous few months, we will take a pause and reflect. We may not know exactly what is coming next or when, but we know what our students need. Join us with a panel of experts to discuss strategies for what comes next.

What Comes Next: The Future of Education

We have learnt a lot in this rapid shift to distance education, but it has also had an impact on both teachers and students. So what kind of additional support might schools need? We will also discuss the indispensable role of teachers alongside technology and ask how we can use recent experiences to build better classrooms.

Educator perspectives on the impact of COVID-19 on teaching and learning in Australia and New Zealand

Conducted by leading Australian education consultancy Pivot Professional Learning in partnership with online platform Education Perfect, the survey asked educators a series of questions about their experiences with online teaching during the COVID-19 schools shutdown, and sought their views about the impacts on school children and educational outcomes. The survey results provide revealing – and in some ways alarming – insights into the realities of distance education, both for teachers and home-bound students, as communities and governments continue to face difficult choices about education during this unprecedented crisis.

COVID-19 Resources

Our free COVID-19 Resource Bank provides a wealth of resources to aid in your transition of online and blended learning.