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Pulse Check

Immediate feedback that matters

Pulse Check enables teachers and school leaders to administer short, focused surveys – up to 10 questions – at any time to students, teachers and families.

Start Right Now

1. Create your Pulse Check

Select from the pre-populated question bank or create your own questions.

2. Survey your Audience

Send your Pulse Check Survey to your students, teachers or school community via a unique link. All responses are 100% anonymous.

3. Receive Insights Instantly

Start reviewing the results once you receive 5 or more responses. 

90% of Teachers Want Student Feedback

Our research has shown teachers love feedback, it provides reassurance and direction. As students are transitioning back to the classroom, monitor their return to school, wellbeing, student learning and more.

Connect Regularly

Social and physical isolation can be a barrier to teacher-student and school community relationships. Connect regularly with Pulse Check and receive anonymous and confidential feedback.

What’s included with Pulse Check

Individual Access

Unlimited Pulse Check Surveys

Instant Reports and Insights

Online Support

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“Pivot Pulse Check is just what we needed! It helps us monitor and report how we performed with remote learning from our students’ and parents’ perspectives. We look forward to using Pulse Check during the return to school transition and beyond for regular feedback.”

– Davin Reid

Principal, Timboon P-12 School

“Our Pulse Check results actually provided some nice information for us. I do intend to make Pulse Check a regular feature from now on.”

– Tim Callaghan

Assistant Principal, Rollins Primary School