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Institutional Clients

Education systems and peak bodies are entrusted to help others succeed.

Pivot’s data reveals how to better support school leaders and teachers to drive student outcomes – classroom by classroom.

At Pivot we believe all data has a place, but you cannot navigate the future using only the rear vision mirror. Lagging indicators – measured after the fact – do not provide for timely interventions that can effect change in today’s classrooms.

Likewise, data aggregated across a whole school obscures important differences in individual teachers’ capabilities.

Pivot’s elegant and evidence-based approach works on a number of levels. We enable evidence based student voice, support individual teachers on their own journey of professional growth, and give school leaders the information they need to drive teaching effectiveness.

In-field regional managers, coaches, educational leaders and administrators who work across multiple schools are a vital element in educational management. Pivot has reports and supporting resources, including our Coach360 feedback tool, specifically for this often-overlooked group.

We aggregate our fine-grain data for state governments, systems and peak bodies to reveal important insights about teaching effectiveness and your target populations. (Individual teacher results are always kept confidential.)

This means that you can trust Pivot’s insights to help you invest in the right things, at the right time, for the right results – today.

Support from the classroom – to regional managers – to executives…

Pivot’s system provides targeted value to every type of user. Our ‘line of sight’ reporting against educational priorities, from the classroom teacher to regional manager and to head office executive, is unparalleled.

Pivot provides institutional clients with their own log-in and ability to view the aggregated results of schools within your area of responsibility or across a cluster.  Our cluster reporting aggregates results across multiples schools, facilitating inter-school collaboration and resource sharing.

We also offer targeted and differentiated design workshops, training sessions and webinars – for head office executives, regional managers, school leaders and teachers.

Embedding Pivot into existing policy frameworks and platforms

We understand education policy and the need for Pivot to fit within your existing frameworks. Pivot is aligned as a default to the AITSL standards, but our consultants can map and report Pivot questions against your own policy priorities. Bespoke reporting ensures your teachers and schools are talking the same language and measuring progress against the same goals.

Pivot can also help you to develop additional questions that go to your own policy imperatives, supported by our resource packs that help teachers and other users deterimine “what does it mean?” and “what’s next?”.

Pivot can also work with you to integrate our IT platform within your existing systems – a central dashboard respository, single sign-on, and data sharing – to ensure the process is integrated and seamless for all users.

Data analytics and bespoke reporting

Pivot’s in-house statistician and data team can provide you with the insights you need. Our clients may, for instance, use use Pivot as part of qualitative or quantitative analysis as part of a broad evaluation program, or to provide year-on-year tracking of progres on specific initiatives. We can advise you on what might be appropriate for you.

Some examples of the bespoke reporting we have provided to our institutional or system-based clients include:

  • Measuring and investigating differences in results between one domain and all other subjects.
  • Measuring and investigating differences in results between year levels and location.
  • Assessing the change in results in teachers who have participated in specific training as part of a targeted intervetion.

With over 15 million data points at our disposal we can provide rich comparative insights about your data. For example, we can create benchmarks, as well as helping you to identify subpopulations or outliers of interest. Our consultants can also creat interrogative narrative reports to help you draw out implications and findings.