The Pivot Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) Surveys

Social-emotional learning describes the mindsets, skills, attitudes and feelings that help students succeed in school and into their careers. Examples include the growth mindset, grit, students’ ability to regulate their emotions and having a sense of belonging.

We have applied our evidence based, elegant approach to this broad and challenging enquiry.

Our reports encourage a whole-school, cohort-based understanding of SEL learning.

Why is SEL important?

Research tells us that strong SEL skills is cruicial for boosting academic achievement.

Students high in these skills – also referred to by other names such as “non-cognitive skills”, “soft skills”, “21st century skills” and “character strengths” – have been shown to do well in school both academically and socially. These skills are also correlated wtih reduced disruptive behaviour and emotional distress.

Because of the growing research about the importance of SEL to student achievement and life-long well being, many schools are choosing to implement social-emotional curricula through pastoral, well being and general academic programs to strengthen their students skill sets in this area and set them up for a solid future.

Pivot’s approach to  SEL

Many of our schools approached us about developing a SEL-specific survey; so many in fact that we simply had to oblige!

Our schools knew SEL was important and also knew Pivot’s philosophy: evidence based, cost-effective and smart in our execution. Could we bring our approach to help shed light on this challenge? Like the Pivot Student Survey, our approach to SEL draws on the best international evidence and adapts it to the Australian context.

Because social-emotional skills are neither innate nor static they can be improved through targeted development and practice (the L in SEL). In the same way that a student can be strong or require development in various social-emotional skills areas, a school can be effective or limited in teaching those skills – or how to improve them.  Our approach to SEL delivers schools information about this complex and challenging area in a clear, clean and targeted way.

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