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COVID-19 is increasing the education equity gap in Australia. Read our latest research here.

State of Education

Between 9 and 13 April 2020, more than 3500 teachers in schools across Australia and New Zealand took part in a survey about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on teaching and learning. The survey captured valuable and current insights from teachers and other educators across all school sectors – primary and secondary, government and independent – about the new realities and unprecedented challenges of enforced distance teaching and learning.

Socioeconomic disparities in Australian schooling during the COVID-19 pandemic

 The impact of COVID-19 has affected us all, but the impact on schools in economically disadvantaged areas has been significant in comparison. 

We surveyed educators from over 10% of Australian schools on their experience of online teaching and learning due to COVID-19 and have published our findings in an effort to create effective action.

Pivot hosted a webinar on 1st July 2020 that discussed the key findings, providing several recommendations on how we can address this great equity divide. Joined by leaders of change and equity in education from the Australian Secondary Principals Association, Teach For Australia and more. Learn more.

Educator perspectives on the impact of COVID-19 on teaching and learning in Australia and New Zealand

Conducted by leading Australian education consultancy Pivot Professional Learning in partnership with online platform Education Perfect, the survey asked educators a series of questions about their experiences with online teaching during the COVID-19 schools shutdown, and sought their views about the impacts on school children and educational outcomes. The survey results provide revealing – and in some ways alarming – insights into the realities of distance education, both for teachers and home-bound students, as communities and governments continue to face difficult choices about education during this unprecedented crisis.

A total of 2373 educators in Australia and 1183 in New Zealand responded to the survey questions on issues related directly to current COVID-era experience and practice, including:

The challenges of meeting student needs in a distance learning context

The use of educational technologies to support distance teaching

Teacher well-being

Teacher needs

Australia’s Technology Ecosystem During COVID-19

The Australian education system saw a great shift in the use of technology due to COVID-19. Educator’s found technology was a key factor in shaping their experiences in shifting to online teaching.


In partnership with Education Perfect, we are releasing a 6 part series exploring the evolving nature of education.

Each week explores new topics such as student engagement, wellbeing, blended learning, differentiation and effective feedback. Every session will provide a range of resources for you, from bite-sized research with actionable strategies, to interactive conversations with educational leaders. 

Student Engagement

Wednesday 13th May, 6.30pm AEST

Join us for the top tips on engagement through content, with students, and peer collaboration. Walk away with practical things you can do to help students flourish online, and as we return to the classroom. 

Student Wellbeing

Wednesday 20th May, 6.30pm AEST

Student wellbeing is a top concern of educators. Hear from wellbeing experts about how to best support students as they move back into the classroom. Joined by special guest Simon Mann, Education Consultant.

Teacher Wellbeing

Thursday 21st May, 6.30pm AEST

We need to come together and support our educators. Our experts come together to discuss self and team care. Joined by special guest Dr. Pete Stebbins, Leadership & Team Development expert with over 20 years experience, helping 1657 education leaders in the last 4 years. 

Online Pedagogies

Wednesday 27th May, 6.30pm AEST

Digital technologies have the potential to reshape the learning process, but only if teachers are supported to truly understand how they can fit into effective pedagogy. Explore how to meaningfully harness technology to improve student outcomes, by looking at differentiation, flipping the classroom and blended learning. 

Student Feedback

Wednesday 3rd June, 6.30pm AEST

Research shows that we need to prioritise student feedback. Interactive and instant feedback and monitoring during class learning and teaching are missing online. Discover practical ways educators can gather student feedback to inform next steps and their professional development.

The Student Voice

Wednesday 10th June, 6.30pm AEST

We need to listen to what students are telling us. We are giving the students the opportunity to contribute to the conversation on the transforming nature of education. What do they need? What works for them? And what doesn’t?

Professional Learning Series

Our Professional Learning Series hosted between 28th April – 1st May 2020 had over 1500 registrations and over 800 attendees. Each session showcased industry-leading experts as they provided advice and recommendations that could be implemented straight away.

State of Education Launch

Join our official launch and discussion on the key findings from our State of Education research from over 3500 educator responses.

For School Leaders

Your teachers have been through a lot. Our panel will consider what good leadership looks like over the coming weeks and months, and share concrete suggestions to support your team.

For Teachers

After the rapid upheaval of the previous few months, we will take a pause and reflect. We may not know exactly what is coming next or when, but we know what our students need. Join us with a panel of experts to discuss strategies for what comes next.

What Comes Next: The Future of Education

We have learnt a lot in this rapid shift to distance education, but it has also had an impact on both teachers and students. So what kind of additional support might schools need? We will also discuss the indispensable role of teachers alongside technology and ask how we can use recent experiences to build better classrooms.

COVID-19 Resources

Our free COVID-19 Resource Bank provides a wealth of resources to aid in your transition of online and blended learning.