The Pivot Student Survey

No-one knows their teacher like a student

This is the simple truth at the heart of our Pivot Student Survey.

The purpose of the survey is to empower teachers to actively engage with their students’ needs in an ongoing way.

From there, we bring students, teachers and schools together, with the aim of creating the world’s best learning environments.

About the survey

Pivot’s survey questions were developed from extensive international research and evidence, adapted for Australian classrooms. We continue to statistically validate and develop the survey. Each survey question is reported against a relevant Australian Institute of Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL) Standard.

Pivot’s reports are good-looking and designed to be easily understood. Insight is only possible when data conveys meaning. Surveys that deliver teachers an aggregated single score are not, in our view, meaningful or conducive to growth.

Teachers are not static and neither are their classrooms, so our survey is taken bi-annually and on a class-by-class basis.

How is the survey administered?

Once a school signs up, a teacher can choose to survey his or her students at a convenient time. On average the survey takes between five and ten minutes to complete (a little bit longer for primary school students)

A teacher’s results are confidential to them, meaning they can trust that the results can be used only for their own professional learning. Many of our teachers do choose to share their results with peers and school leaders, thereby adding to the culture of collaboration and building collaborative expertise in their schools.

In addition, the anonymity of each student is protected; no identifying information (not even IP addresses) is gathered during the survey.

What is the survey’s value for school leaders?

School and system leaders see group results – that is, information about how teachers from an entire subject area, entire class level or entire school are tracking. We also provide resources specifically designed for school leaders.

Our schools use the survey as the basis for driving their collaborative expertise efforts – identifying excellence and sharing it – thereby making the best use of experts within their own schools.

Our schools tell us that Pivot has fundamentally changed their school’s culture for the better.

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