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The Student Voices Podcast 

Join Pivot’s Student Voice Advocate Wren Gillet for our ‘Student Voices’ podcast series. We discuss how to keep students, their perceptions and needs at the centre of the conversation.


Episode 3: Student Voice in Action with Joseph Banks Secondary College, WA 

Wren spoke the students and principal of Joseph Banks Secondary College in WA about how they have successfully created a culture of student voice and agency within their school. In their discussion they cover what student voice looks like at Joseph Banks and how it feels for students to have their voice heard and acted upon. 


Episode 2: Remote Learning from the Student’s Perspective 

Wren spoke to almost 40 students from six years of age to eighteen about their experiences with remote learning. In their discussion, they focused on what they liked and what they didn’t like about remote learning, plus what advice they had for their teachers on how to improve this learning environment in future. 


Episode 1: Pivot and Student Voice

To kickstart the series, Wren introduces Pivot co-founder and Director, Cleo Westhorpe. Together they discuss how Pivot came to be, and why student voice is essential to our company mission. 

Meet our host: Wren Gillett

Wren is Pivot’s student voice advocate. She was part of VicSRC’s executive committee for close to three years, and chaired the executive team within this time. She has a been a youth champion for charitable organisations such as the Alannah and Madeline Foundation and Dolly’s Dream, and has spoken at multiple conferences and events across Australia about the power and significance of student voice, agency and empowerment. Wren is currently in her first year of university majoring in journalism, and continues to be a passionate spokesperson for young people. 

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