The Pivot Platform

Useful, integrated tools and supports

This is where it all comes together.

With a single sign-on users can view and store all their Pivot results and other artifacts.

Because we know that useability and high quality supports are what transform data into insight.

In-house Resources

Pivot’s comprehensive resource packs guide teachers with the post-survey process, which includes structured pathways for acting on results, individualised for each teacher.

These resources have been written by leading Australian educational experts and teachers; they reflect the latest research and are updated regularly.

School leaders are also supported with clear advice for taking action. Our ‘Acting On Your Pivot Results’ resource for school leaders, for example, offers a step-by-step guide to gathering insights and discussing the results throughout the school.

Pivot’s Observation tool

Like everything we do, our Observation tool is easy to use, secure, and respects the realities of the Australian classroom.

We designed Pivot’s classroom observation instruments to encourage collegiality and collaborative learning environments. The focus of our tool is not ‘scoring’ or even appraisal, but a supportive conversation.

Research by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (2013) demonstrates that observation of as little as 15 minutes is highly effective; so we built our tool to be short and targeted.

No more reorganising of classroom schedules to observe colleagues, or filling in unwieldy documents that simply get shelved.

Pivot’s Goal Setting tool

Pivot’s platform allows our teachers and school leaders to reflect on their practice and develop performance and development goals for each year.

The Pivot goal setting template can also be used to document progress over the course of the year. The tool prompts users on how to reflect and develop meaningful (SMART) goals, and provides for links to evidence.

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