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The Pivot Story

Pivot began as a lively discussion between three women sharing a passion for education.

We wondered why there was no reliable way for a teacher to know their impact.

We knew that schools collected data and other feedback; indeed ‘drowning in data’ was the complaint we heard.

Yet without a strong empirical base and a validated approach, translated into the classroom, teachers were still flying blind.

We asked:

Did teachers have reliable data that they could trust about their own strengths and areas for development?

Could student voice be a powerful driver of teacher impact? How would we harness it?

Could we create a meaningful, view of teacher effectiveness that could serve individuals and be used more broadly?

Back in 2014 it was clear to us that Australia had not benefited from the international evidence showing that, if done right, student surveys could provide fair and accurate insights into teaching practice.

So we launched Pivot with a student survey that drew on what had been statistically validated internationally and made it ‘fit for purpose’ for the Australian classroom.

As a company our philosophy is quite simple and has not changed from our first day. Everything we do must be evidence based. It must directly enhance teacher effectiveness in Australian schools. And it must deliver on this in a way that is clear, cost effective and smart.

Our critical friends in schools like Melbourne High, Overnewton and Mount St Joseph’s became our early adopters. They told us that they loved our beautiful, incisive reports which enabled all users to interpret and digest data accurately and intuitively. They also appreciated that our purpose-built IT-platform meant seamless administration, individual teacher privacy and instant reporting.

Importantly, leadership were quickly using Pivot to share collective expertise and build a shared vision. Pivot enabled schools to do this free of the defensiveness surrounding tired old debates about so-called ‘teacher quality’. School cultures were shifting for the better.

Word quickly spread and our clients have grown exponentially year on year, simply by word of mouth. Today we work with hundreds of individual schools as well as system leaders like peak bodies and state governments to provide information relevant to their own area of responsibilities and decision making. Our data informs evidence-based decision making without compromising teacher privacy.

We keep working on what we do, and now offer complementary insights via our 360-degree feedback and social and emotional learning (SEL) surveys. Our wrap-around supports sit on an integrated platform and include high-quality resource packs, classroom observation and goal setting tools.

Pivot truly delivers a clear ‘line of sight’ about teacher effectiveness in fine-grain detail from the classroom, to the teacher, school leadership and beyond.

We are continually delighted by the reception of our tools throughout Australia. Our clients motivate us as we refine and extend what we do and how we do it. The team has grown – and grown – with many talented people joining us because they believe in solving the same problems.

Thank you for your interest in our story. Please take a look around the site and feel free to drop us a line – we love feedback.