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Why Pivot?

Pivot allows teachers and school leaders to develop professionally through carefully designed, confidential, evidence-based surveys, services and reports.

Simple, not simplistic

The Pivot approach is light-touch, but delivers deep impact for students, teachers, schools and beyond.

Once student experience at the classroom level is understood, decisions about professional development (individually and collectively) become clear.

Strengthened by research

The desire for validity, reliability and accuracy informs all of Pivot’s products. Our surveys measure teaching effectiveness – not likeability.

The tools and systems we’ve created are supported by the very best international research and Australian data.

But we’re never standing still. Our research team continually work to develop what we do, with insights informed by the latest research.

Nurturing diversity

Nobody, let alone a teacher, should be reduced to a single number. Likewise, too much cluttered detail can crowd out the real story. Pivot’s reports are ‘just right’ and convey real insight – not just numbers.

Pivot doesn’t believe in “the ideal teacher”. A highly effective teacher can fit a multitude of profiles, types and personalities.

Our surveys break down results and show how effectively teachers work with students of a certain age and in the different subject areas that they teach.

Backed by teachers

As survey experts, we decided to survey teachers about their experience with the Pivot Student survey*. We expected to hear about a positive overall experience, but the responses were even better than we anticipated.

Here’s what the teachers told us:

Every single teacher we surveyed said they found the Pivot Student Survey report easy to understand.

Every single teacher who responded to our survey reported that it was a valuable process.

 *Pivot surveyed a range of participating primary and secondary teachers across government, Catholic and independent school sectors between July and September 2015.

Before and after

New experiences can be daunting, and our student survey reflected that fact, but once a participant had undergone a survey round, their opinions changed dramatically:

BEFORE 55% of teachers felt ‘positive’ about the survey when they first heard about it.
AFTER 82.5% of teachers, having done the survey, felt ‘positive’ about doing it again.