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Check-in on
readiness to learn

Meaningful, actionable insights into your students’ wellbeingHelp your students to thrive at school with Pivot’s simple-to-use, evidence-based survey tools.



“Students who responded positively to protective factors like health, schoolwork and sleep also had higher general wellbeing scores, which is another opportunity for schools to partner with students and the school community to take targeted actions to improve student wellbeing.”
Taken from Evidence Brief on Student Wellbeing from a Pilot in Schools, published March 2022


Pivot surveys are based on best-practice research and are aligned to global wellbeing frameworks.


Teacher and Leader insights are supported with evidence-based resources for next-day action. 

Simple & targeted

In less than 1 minute per week, students can check-in on their wellbeing and provide teachers with valuable insight into their readiness to learn. An integrated student support mechanism allows students to let their teacher know when they need support.

Ongoing support & coaching

Pivot coaches and support teams are on hand to help you get the most out of your Pivot data. 

Latest research


Download our research findings on student wellbeing in Australian and New Zealand schools.

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Our product has successfully qualified to be part of the Safer Technologies 4 Schools (ST4S) Product Badge Program in 2023. 

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