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Boosting Student Engagement in Maths


2023 Research Insights and Opportunities for Growth in the Classroom.


2023 Maths Engagement Report

In collaboration with the Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers (AAMT) and the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute (AMSI), Pivot Professional Learning (Pivot) researched methods to enhance students' engagement in maths.

The study involved surveys of 80 teachers and 2,500 students, analysing factors such as relationships, high expectations, and positive classroom environments. 


An extensive literature review, desktop research, and statistical testing have shown that great maths teaching has a foundation in:

  • Strong relationships between teachers and students

  • Teachers having a broad, well-developed pedagogical toolbox; and

  • The critical influence that classroom and school culture have on students’ learning.


This study tests these ideas, provides evidence and includes recommendations for teachers and leaders to boost student engagement in Maths. 


Pivot's Student Survey on Teaching (SST) was used as the cornerstone for this research. The SST is one of two evidence-based survey tools Pivot use to empower educators with insight, inspire conversations, and generate shared ideas for change.


The findings in this study build on Pivot’s original research in 2019 with 986 maths teachers and 27,775 student survey responses titled, Learning from the best: what makes an excellent teacher of mathematics.

Watch the Webinars

On September 13, we ran an insightful webinar that delved into the findings of this latest joint research project.

Our panel included some of the most influential education and leadership specialists in Australia and the UK.


They provided insights from this comprehensive study and discuss practical approaches for educators to enhance their students' mathematics learning experiences.


Watch the replays below.


For Teachers

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For Leaders

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Cleo Westhorpe

Co-Founder of Pivot Professional Learning

and Teacher

Equal parts educator and entrepreneur, Cleo loves working with students, teachers and principals to foster inclusive classrooms and schools where all voices are heard, amplified and embraced.


Allan Dougan

CEO of Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers 

Drawing on his extensive experience in educational leadership, Allan brings a wealth of knowledge in developing comprehensive strategies, driving positive change and fostering an environment where individuals can thrive.


Beverley McCormick

Associate Course

Director and Lecturer

of Education

Beverley is an experienced educator and content specialist. Skilled in teaching and learning with focus on educational leadership and management, curriculum delivery, STEM subjects and Educational Technology. 


Hayley Dureau

Assistant Principal at Mentone Girls' Secondary College

Hayley is an influential educator. She's a former Master Teacher (Mathematics) at the Victorian Academy of Teaching and Leadership, and was named Outstanding Secondary Teacher by Victoria's Department of Education in 2016. 

“I am incredibly excited about the impact of this maths report on teachers and students in the classroom. Our findings will equip educators with evidence-based strategies to enhance mathematics engagement, leading to empowered students and a more enriching learning experience for all."

- Cleo Westhorpe, Co-founder of Pivot Professional Learning

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Trusted by over 1000 schools to gather feedback from students on teaching practices and well-being. The insights from student feedback can help support positive and inclusive learning.

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