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Pivot Coaching Services

We provide schools with a range of coaching services to get the most out of using Pivot tools and are bespoke and contextualised to school's priorities, budget and strategic goals.


A critical component of any school improvement plan or strategy is the data that provides evidence of key initiatives that impact student wellbeing and learning. 


For schools working with Pivot, student voice is added to the mix of insights they need to make key decisions regarding their teaching, learning and wellbeing programs. 


Student feedback data leads to the logical questions: how do we use this, what’s next, and how does this feedback align to our existing priorities and programs. 


Coaching calls with an education expert provide a valuable opportunity to unpack the student feedback data, identify key trends and plan actionable next steps. 


Pivot Coach Adam says:

“Schools approach coaching calls with a range of experiences and contextual differences. Some schools have recently partnered with Pivot and are eager to see what the data tells them. Others are hoping they can get ‘hard data’ for something they’ve suspected for a while.”

Who are Coaching Services for?


Leadership Teams

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Teacher Teams


Individual Teachers

Whole Staff.png

Whole Staff

How Will it Benefit My School?

Engaging in Coaching Services holds transformative potential for your school.


Here are 5 ways your people can benefit:

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Enhanced Teaching Effectiveness

Professional Learning equips educators with the latest instructional methods and tools, enhancing their ability to engage and inspire students.

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Improved Student Outcomes

By staying current with best practices, educators can tailor their teaching to individual student needs, leading to improved performance and wellbeing.

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Strengthened Leadership

Empower educational leaders with the skills and insights needed to effectively guide their teams, foster collaboration, and achieve institutional goals.

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Alignment with School Goals

Professional Learning services can be tailored to align with your school's unique goals, fostering a more cohesive and goal-oriented educational community.

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Innovation and Adaptation

Keeping up with cutting-edge trends and techniques ensures that your school remains innovative and adaptable, ready to face changing educational landscapes.

Pivot Coaching Services:

Services provided by our education experts are bespoke and contextualised to your school’s priorities, budget and strategic goals. 

Options include:

  • Coaching calls (online) - unpacking survey cycle feedback with an education expert. 

  • Strategic planning conversations/leadership coaching sessions (online or in-person)

    • Linking survey data to school improvement agendas to determine focus areas

    • Planning and monitoring implementation of strategies

    • How to support teachers through the change management process 

    • How to provide coaching and feedback on instructional practices 

  • Targeted instructional coaching (in-person)

    • Based on the conversation and celebration discussions to determine focus areas and provide tailored instructional coaching for teaching teams.


  • Inquiry cycles

    • Support teachers through the action research process based on a focus determined by the survey data. 

    • Use data cycles to determine the effectiveness and impact of the implemented strategies. 


  • Bespoke workshops (in-person)

    • Workshops designed to address specific areas of professional practice based on survey data sets.

We invite you to speak with our Schools Partnerships Manager to discuss which services integrate best with your school’s priorities and your existing Pivot Package. 

Our Education Experts

Dr. Janelle Wills

Professional Learning for schools using the Student Survey on Teaching.


Dr. Janelle Wills, a seasoned educator with over three decades of experience in teaching and leadership, is a driving force in Australian education. 


With a PhD that delved into self-efficacy, Dr. Wills has significantly contributed to various realms of education, including special education, gifted education, assessment, and feedback. Her research has shaped and enriched these areas, shedding light on effective teaching practices and strategies.


Janelle is not just a scholar; she is also an author, having penned and contributed to numerous articles and books. Some of her notable works include "Thinking Protocols for Learning," "Transformative Collaboration: Five Commitments for Leading a PLC," "A Handbook for High Reliability Schools," and "Collaborative Teams that Transform Schools."


Dr. Wills has always strived to bridge the gap between theory and practice. Her innovative ideas have given rise to substantial educational initiatives, both within individual schools and on a broader sector level. Her influence has been instrumental in driving positive change.


A firm believer in the profession of teaching, Janelle passionately advocates for educators to engage with research through action research and reflective practice. Her commitment to continuous learning keeps her at the forefront of educational innovation, ensuring that her work remains dynamic and informed. 


Rebecca Harris

Professional Learning for schools using Wellbeing for Learning.


Rebecca Harris works in student wellbeing supporting students, teachers and families. She has a passion for trauma informed work, and believes every educator has the potential to make a profound difference to their students’ lives. Rebecca’s experience in student wellbeing, community development, and counselling has made clear to her that the impacts of adversity and structural inequity are far reaching, and that schools are well placed to support those impacted. 


Rebecca coordinates delivers training in trauma-informed practice to schools and community organisations. She also works as a counsellor. 


Rebecca brings passion, experience, and knowledge to her work. Her presenting style is engaging, with plenty of stories, a mix of theoretical knowledge and practical interventions, and an ability to find humour in even the trickiest of situations. She understands that each school or organisation has diverse needs and so she works to tailor training and other offerings. 


Rebecca has completed postgraduate studies in Developmental Trauma, and Counselling and Psychotherapy. She also completed a community Fellowship at the University of Melbourne and believes that learning is a life-long venture. 


Rebecca presents on embedding student wellbeing; trauma theory and impacts; trauma-informed wellbeing interventions; de-escalation skills; educator wellbeing and more. She is able to create bespoke training and support for schools, community organisations and groups. 


She published her first book, Safe to Learn: Embedding Trauma-informed Student Wellbeing Practices in 2023 with Amba Press.

Enquire about Coaching Services at your School

We invite you to speak with our Schools Partnerships Manager to gain a better understanding of the right service which will integrate with your existing Pivot Package.


Please complete the form below and we will be in touch to set up a time. 

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