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Impactful Student Wellbeing Support Mechanisms

Recent insights from the Pivot Wellbeing for Learning Program highlight just how impactful targeted support mechanisms can be in fostering student welfare.

Providing students with a way to reach out for help or support in a timely manner has made the greatest impact on wellbeing for schools using the Pivot Program. The platform allows students who identify as struggling to reach out to a designated staff member for support in a safe and confidential way.

81% of respondents indicated that the Pivot wellbeing survey has captured new data that they would otherwise not have access to and that it helps to open up conversations about wellbeing within the classroom, while increasing understanding of students' own wellbeing.

These key findings highlight the impact of integrating wellbeing surveys into educational practices. Not only does it shed light on students' individual wellbeing journeys but also equips educators with actionable insights to tailor support strategies effectively.

Further analysis reveals compelling insights regarding the broader benefits of engaging in wellbeing surveys. Participants reported that these initiatives enabled students in need to reach out for help to a trusted educator - a vital lifeline in addressing issues before they escalate.

“We use the data to inform our board about the wellbeing of our students. It is good to have real data to use. We are at the stage that we can start to compare data from previous years and identify trends. These can be celebration points or areas that need attention. We are able to work with a wider variety of students who may be struggling with smaller issues. Helping them to deal with these smaller issues goes a long way in supporting them, before issues compound and become more complex.”

This underscores the program's efficacy in not only providing actionable insights but also in facilitating longitudinal analysis to track trends and patterns in student wellbeing over time.

Moreover, the proactive nature of the Pivot Program empowers educators to manage school-wide wellbeing strategies dynamically. By providing ongoing and immediate data on student wellbeing, educators can intervene early, mitigating potential issues and fostering a supportive environment conducive to learning.

By leveraging innovative tools such as the Pivot Wellbeing for Learning Program to initiate conversations, identify needs, and tailor interventions, schools can nurture a culture where every student feels heard, supported, and empowered to thrive academically and personally.

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